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Chick update, week 2 of urban chicken raising.

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It’s been eight days since our five little ladies have moved in, and we’ve learned quite a bit already!

First of all, chicks are incredibly fun. My sister and one of my nieces were visiting this past weekend, and my niece kept finding herself sitting in the room with the chicks and losing track of the time.

Secondly, chicks grow insanely fast. It’s almost as if you can see them growing. I should have taken daily photos, but time escaped me. They’re at least four times the size they were when they came home.

The personality differences are absolutely entertaining. Our two Barred Rock girls are more adventurous and more likely to jump up on my hand. Betty (the barred rock pictured in the series below) was the first to jump up, beginning her ascent onto their (then shorter) food container the first night we had them home! The Rhode Island Reds are more timid but more likely to fall sleep while being held. They are a bit smaller, too, with Austra at about two-thirds of the size of Batgirl.


So far, chicken raising is fitting into our lives quite well. They delight us, and we can’t wait for their first eggs.

Oh, and the final two chicks have been named Beyonce and Pippin.




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  1. Beyonce? I love it!

  2. We would love it if you would share pictures of your chicks with us. We have a growing collection of Columbus’ city chickens pictures hanging in the shop. Send through email if you would like to share

    • Shawn, I will happy share some chick pictures with you. I take most of my photos with the IPad these days, so I’ll attempt to figure out which of my photos are the best quality for printing.


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