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Raising chicks! Another step in urban homesteading.

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We’ve been busily preparing for the arrival of three new additions (plus two next door), and we finally got to meet them today.

Here they are.

Austra and Batgirl.


And these three, yet to be named. (The top photos are two different shots of the same two chicks.)

Austra and her match are two Barred Plymouth Rock chicks. The other three are Rhode Island Reds. If the hatchery is correct, they will all be backyard layers, no Roos, in a coop that is shared between our house and the house next door. We feel extremely grateful that the owners of both houses moved to Franklinton with urban homesteading in mind and have encouraged us, their tenants, to follow the same path if our hearts’ desire. Especially grateful because, yes, we absolutely desire just that.

Darren is excited about the chicks. He and I have checked on them and given them attention at least once an hour today. All five chicks are spirited and inquisitive. At just 18 hours olds, they have already begun to respond to my rough attempt at clucking, demonstrated to me by Denise Beno Anderson who was on hand to give pointers when we picked the chicks up from City Folk’s Farm Shop today.

If you’re thinking about chicks, check out the wealth of collective knowledge at And if you’re in the Columbus area, consider ordering your chicks through City Folk’s here. They have four more batches of chicks coming, all different breeds, including the heritage Buckeye, developed by a woman in Ohio.

Here’s to backyard eggs!

(Check out City Folk this week for their one-year anniversary festivities running until Saturday, March 23.)


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  1. congrats on the babies! we’re excited to build our coop this spring. some friends in the bottoms have an araucana chicken family so we’re hoping to adopt chicks from them šŸ™‚ would love to come coo at yours in the meantime! ~j

  2. Our Austra is an Australorp and yours is a Barred Plymouth Rock? How funny!

    Welcome to the chicken-keeping club. I hope you like it as much as we do.

    • Darren wanted an Austra, just like Lil’s. I explained to him that your Austra is an Australorp. He just thought it was funny, and he stuck to his decision.


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