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Yard Edibles Consulting

You’ve cut pesticides and chemical fertilizers out of your life, and now a handful of new plants are showing up in your yard.

What are they? Should you pull them out?


In my yard of .08 urban acres, before the garden growing season has fully kicked into gear, I can find a dozen different plant species. Already mature and ready to harvest, and as tasty as any cultivated green, they require no care from me. They’re simply there, ready for me to partake of them. And I’m willing to bet that you have them, too.

Surely you know what a dandelion looks like. And Clover. Violet. But dead nettle? How about chickweed?

Our brains are wired for visual imprinting. It’s the drive behind marketing and branding efforts. It’s the mechanism at work we we recognize someone we knew from childhood that we haven’t seen for decades. Simply through repeated exposure, we are able to gain the ability to recognize something with no effort.

We just need something to guide us through those first few positive imprints.

For a small fee, I will provide on-site consultation in the Columbus area for those wishing to embrace the free food growing in their yard. Using field guides and other resources, I will help you establish your ability to identify wild edibles and provide tips for using them. All sessions include identification on-site and follow-up communication about any specimens brought home with me for further identification.

Mini-session: $50
includes one hour-long session to provide a snapshot of the edibles present in the current season

Single-season session: $75
includes one two-hour session to look at your yard habitat a bit more in-depth

Three-season assessment: $175
includes three two-hour sessions, over three seasons, to provide a more complete picture of the range of edibles growing in your yard

To schedule a consultation:


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