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March Home Ec: event wrap-up

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The March Home Ec theme, Maple Syrup, proved to be a popular one among our attendees on Monday. With dishes ranging from sides to desserts, we all easily found inspiration to create a range of delectable food.

The standout for everyone, unaccompanied by a picture due to the dim bar lighting, was Nick’s candied maple bacon. Sticky, slightly crunchy and deliciously smoky, it hit the trifecta of fat, salt and sweet squarely on target. Without the intellectual knowledge that the skewered treat could not be considered anything other than hedonistic pleasure, I’m sure we would have all been battling for the whole tray.

Rachel was missed as she fought to keep illness at bay, but the bourbon-lovers among us were mighty thankful that her maple-plum shrub was able to make it in her stead. A generous drizzle of the tart, sweet, jewel-toned liquid into a bourbon and club soda, and we had our signature drink of the evening. It was truly delicious, and I sipped through two of the them in the two and a half hours that I was there.


Our conversation was light and engaging, and we learned of a few projects that our attendees have on the horizon. As always, it was a great evening of food and camaraderie. I look forward to seeing everyone in April!


Read more about Home Ec at Well Preserved, the duo who started it all.


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