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Local Foods Week 2013

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The annual coming-together of the Columbus community to embrace our local food producers is nearly upon us. Spearheaded by Local Matters, the event runs from August 10 until August 18. Instead of rehashing the details, I’ll refer you directly to the Local Matters site and get straight to the events that I’m most looking forward to.

    Saturday, August 10

400 Farmer’s Market
Part spectacle, part food, part wares, the twice-monthly market is a short bike ride from my house. We’ll head over near the start for something to snack on and to say hello to some friends.

    Tuesday, August 13

Fermenting class at City Folk’s Farm Shop
If my schedule allowed, I would attend this class. Fermenting is all the rage, and Andy of Crazy Kraut brings a wealth of knowledge and boundless enthusiasm to the topic.

    Wednesday, August 14

Midohio Food Bank’s Share Your Harvest donation event
I’m excited that our community engages in activities such as these. Sharing the harvest is one of the most rewarding aspects of growing your own food.

    Thursday, August 15

Mid-Summer Foraging Workshop
I’d be remiss to not mention my own event here. Bring along a few suspected edibles from your own yard, and we’ll identify them together. The last foraging workshop filled up to capacity, so sign up soon!

    Sunday, August 18

Veggieland & The Annual Local Foods Week Kids’ Cook-off Challenge
Darren is too young to participate in the cooking challenge, but I hope he’ll draw inspiration from watching young chef-in-the-making prepare delicious food.

Perhaps we’ll run into each other as we celebrate local foods. Which events are your favorites?

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