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I have discovered a few things during the last month. They might not actually be newsworthy – I’ve had an inkling all along – but they’ve certainly been affirmed.

1. I like being in control.

2. I am not tolerant of incompetence when it stands between me and a goal I need to achieve.

3. When “the immovable object” is placed in my path, I don’t like to waste time trying to move it. I’m content to recalibrate and move on.

These self-discoveries are brought to you by: We are trying to open a business by November 1.

The idea is great; a co-working space for music lessons. Dennis will be joined by a handful of experienced instructors to make up our founding membership, with room for a number of additional teachers to join. I have so many more details to share in the next few months.

For now, people are meddling in ways that make me feel great amounts of stress. As I’m trying to wade through the process of starting a business, obtaining a commercial lease, etc etc etc, I keep running into “the immovable object” of above. But this time, I can’t take a different approach. I have to just sit still and it run its course.

I have come to the recent conclusion that the stress-inducer really might be trying to help. But I don’t need help in the way they’re trying to provide it. I need to be part of the conversation, not someone who receives the information second hand during a one-minute side conversation someone has with my husband a week later.

We’re taking about opening a business in three months.

Three months.

There are things I need to do to get this ready. And there are more things I need to do if the business doesn’t happen.

“Waiting for people” is not on the agenda that I made.

In conclusion, I’m excited about our potential business. And my creative energy is nearly spent. So I haven’t been blogging, and I haven’t been foraging. But I have been collecting furniture and hoping for the best.


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