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We had a terrific time at my sister and brother-in-law’s house recently. They live on a lake, and the time was relaxing and restorative, just as one would expect.

It was sublime having my morning coffee at the end of their dock, legs dangling and cool water at my toes.

But upon returning home, I feel that the four nights away were a big tease, a glimpse of a life that right now feels unachievable. Our aspirations aren’t grand; what we aim for is just more than basic, or perhaps even less. A small piece of space on which to raise chickens, garden, let Darren run and climb and create. A home in a peaceful place.

Coming home held a moment of relief followed immediately by moments of uneasiness as we figure out how our family moves forward when the business Dennis teaches for closes before November. Waiting on others to make moves that affect your fate is unsettling at best, and the emotional and mental toll is beginning to wear on all of us.

Please share with me your favorite pick-me-up for those extended “down” times. Recipes, local spots to visit, activities – what helps you when you’re feeling low and need something special to get you moving again?

At that, I’m off to see if some minty sweet tea will do the trick for the rest of today.


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