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First, a quick public thank you to Joe Blundo of the Columbus Dispatch for joining me on an urban foraging walk recently. You can read about it in today’s paper, Thursday June 13, 2013, or online here.

I’ve been busy “in the field” lately. If you stopped by my yard, though, you might not believe me. The weeds are taking over! (And strategically being left in many spaces.)

Here are a few that have popped up recently. If you find me on Instagram (katehodges2) or Twitter (@kateforagefiber), you’ll see more as I come across wild edibles up in Michigan this weekend.

Scarlet Pimpernel (not edible, or conflicting information, but so pretty)


Common Mallow (This one is a favorite right now as its cute, fleshy-crunchy seed pods, resembling tiny wheels of cheese, are a great edible garnish.)



Asiatic Dayflower (This picture shows two tiny flowers, one above the other.)


Prickly Lettuce (The spines on new leaves are flexible and not so pokey. Our chickens love this almost more than strawberries!)



Watch for more on Twitter!


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  1. Is Common Mallow related to Marsh Mallow? 🙂


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