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Recipe: Pickled Redbud buds

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As a stark contrast to my last shared recipe, this one is so simple that it almost feels silly to classify it as a recipe. A simple brined pickle, Redbud buds shine as a stand-in for the ubiquitous caper. More delicate and a bit sweet, these unopened flower buds are far prettier, though collecting them takes a bit of work.


      Pickled Redbud buds

    1 part water
    1 part white wine vinegar
    Unopened flowers buds from a Redbud tree

    In a clean jar, cover washed Redbud flower buds with mixed white wine vinegar and water. Pour the liquid back out into a measuring cup, and add 1 tablespoon of salt for every cup of liquid. Stir to dissolve, and pour brine back over the buds.

    Use a lid or a smaller jar to keep the buds submerged in the brine. (You may have to get creative here, since you’ll likely have a small volume of pickling going on.)

    Set the buds in a dark place for three days to pickle, checking daily to skim out any bloom.

    After three days, cap the jar and refrigerate until use.

Easy, beautiful, delicious wild edibles.


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  1. Website request… When doing a foraging related website, would it be possible to include a picture of the plant/ flower pre-recipe or still in the ground…. While I might not try some of the more adventurous stuff, this one is just simple enough, but I don’t know what redbuds looks like….

    • Just read my comment.. Didn’t mean “foraging related website” meant foraging related recipe.. Sorry..


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