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Today was a good day.
The kind of day which finds you on the couch for an afternoon catnap to allow your body time to catch up to your brain before jetting off to the next task.

I woke up much much earlier than usual to head up to Stratford Ecological Center. There, I led a felting activity for the approximately 600 participants of Stratford’s annual pancake breakfast. By my estimation, based on the weight of wool used, about 400 wool balls were made utilizing the easy-enough-for-kids wet felting technique which I will share here in the next week or two.

The crowd came through in small spurts, following their assigned meal times. Thanks to Sonia, my very able assistant and friend (who did this for free, as I was volunteering myself), every attendee was able to felt that desired to participate. (Sonia is a talented creator. Please take a moment to see what she does.)

When I arrived home, I was greeted by the daintiest little Henbit and Red Dead Nettle flowers right in my front yard. The snow had given way to green for just 24 hours, but the plants were ready to bust out some color and declare the imminent arrival of Spring!

After resting, I jetted out to the backyard to remove the plastic on the low tunnel and give the raised beds some fresh air and sunshine. I will admit that I planted too soon this year. I used old seeds, for the most part, so I was ready to accept a 100% failure for the chance of having some very early greens and roots. But I was delighted to see the tiniest little peek of beet seedlings under a bit of loose soil and leaf litter. It looks like one vegetable, at least, took to my very early planting.

Darren and I then headed out for more fresh air and Vitamin D, hitting one of our favorite playgrounds. It just happens to be across the street from Luck Bros. Coffee, so I grabbed a bag of fresh beans, roasted on site by owner Andy Luck. After playing for a bit, we made the short drive back home for a homemade pizza dinner.

It was a good day. Tiring and good. I don’t think I’ll have any trouble getting to bed an hour early tonight.


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