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Make me like mushrooms!

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I have a problem. I do not like mushrooms. The texture of cooked mushrooms grosses me out. The flavor doesn’t impress me. I just don’t like them. Trying to be a good sport, and see if my tastes have evolved, I do try them every time one ends up on my plate, but my impression of them remains unchanged.

This is a problem, because mushrooms comprise an enticingly large percentage of our wild edibles. When reading through foraging guides, I longingly page through vast sections of ocean-loving edibles, both plant and animal, that I don’t have local access to here in land-locked Columbus, Ohio. While I can’t do much to change my fate when it comes to a lack of coastal foraging, however, I do have the opportunity to take advantage of the abundance of fungi that make their home in the various habitats of the Midwest. In fact, I’ve found mushrooms as near as 6 steps out of my back door.

I could just hunt for these edibles and pass them along to friends who would be happy to enjoy them without me. But, for me, part of the joy of foraging is partaking in what nature offers us if we care to take her up on her offer. It’s time for me to man up (person up?), with your help.

The Challenge

Whoever can make me a dish that will make me change my mind about mushrooms will receive a piece of felted artwork, one-of-a-kind, made by me.

Propose your recipe (or opt to keep it secret, if you wish) and a few dates and times in the comments below. (I will gladly provide an accompanying dish for this fete de champignons.)


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  1. Morels + Butter + Hot Skillet + Salt = Win.

  2. What an offer and challenge. My favorite for an “everyday” occasion is roasted. A special mushroom dish is a leek, wild rice, and mushroom soup. I might just have to make some for us sometime soon.

  3. I make a mushroom pie where the shrooms are chopped finely and walnuts added to address the textural issues. I bet you would like it! Want to come over for dinner next week sometime?

    • Yes!
      (If I add the caveat of not being able to eat dishes with tons of dairy, will that affect the offered dish?)

  4. Luke, I am your mother

    You MUST MUST MUST learn about mushroom foraging from a professional. Dad and I took a class which included an outing to a nature center to learn. But, the only place we’ll pick mushrooms is in the produce section. Too many are poisonous.

    • Yes, mother.
      There are mushroom varieties that are easier to tell apart from others, and there are varieties that do not resemble poisonous types. Resources (written and people) always are very cautionary in their advice.

  5. Dried mushrooms used as a spice solves the texture problem and flavour is intensified in some cases. Dried yellow-foot chanterelle (best) or even dried chanterelle (good) crumbled into tiny pieces, place in buttered skillet add salt heat at medium heat for 1 minute add egg, cook to your own preference, add cheese if you wish and enjoy on toast, a quick and tasty breakfast hard not to like. Since I’m in Atlantic Canada somebody else will need go over and prepare this and claim the prize. Dried mushrooms in powdered form can be used in many ways including being added to flour in bread making or pancakes and basically anywheres you usually use spices, also in herb teas. ciao

    • Luke, I am your mother

      gee, who knew Kate — i have 4 oz. of dried shiitake mushrooms, should i mail them? Mom

    • If I try this and find myself in love, I will ask for your address.
      Thank you!


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