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At the end of last year’s (abysmal) growing season, we sustained some yard damage. A car used part of our fence, along the alley, as brakes. Luckily, we rent. Our landlords had the fence promptly fixed (thank you!). However, their carefully hand built composting system was completely obliterated in the hit, too.

At about the same time, I started working again. And so the remnants of the compost pile and fencing, that I asked their handyman to leave for me, were forgotten and left in a heap.

No more! I have taken advantage of the warm weather to sort the broken boards for repurposing into two huge pots for a pair of dwarf pear trees that are hopefully still alive. My plan for them is a simple espalier training. Like most new projects I dream up, I will be learning as I go. In other words, I have not done this before and have only rudimentary book knowledge of the topic.

We also lost a 4×8 root vegetable gardening bed in the accident. It was, unfortunately, the only deep raised bed in the yard.

I might take a moment here to point out that the owners of this house are amazing and left quite a gardening set up when they moved to their new dwelling. With a few adjoining plots, this would be an ideal urban farm.

Here is the damaged spot now. I hope to showcase its facelift in about a month.



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