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The blogger’s existential crisis.

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I was reminded (thanks Facebook!) that I recently RSVPed to gather with a group of local bloggers this Saturday.

Here’s the thing: am I a blogger?

I lack the technical knowledge to craft and maintain a “real” blog, mostly due to choosing to spend my time gaining other skills. In other words, I use a free wordpress template. And it doesn’t really look that great.

My writing feels clunky.

I cannot get myself to keep to a steady rhythm of posting. People, I do not know how to make myself do this regularly: my discipline is like that of my 4-year old child.

I’m not sure I have topical information that is interesting. Is it too scattered? Is it too “alternative”?

And finally, I don’t have a nice camera. I know that point is easy to shoot down, but who reads blogs that aren’t visually appealing? Maybe I’m the only visual snob?

I enjoy having a blog and “putting things on my blog”. And I have been making some big strides in the recent months in my personal business ventures that I will be documenting here.

Perhaps I’m just in a period of building momentum and this space will follow suit. In the meantime, who wants to make this space look better for me?


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  1. How did I miss this?!

    I firmly believe that it’s better to post what you want, when you want, than to try to fit in some sort of ‘real blogger’ mold. Do what makes you happy because that’s what you will be able to maintain.

    One blogging secret is that many posts get great traffic without amazing photographs. Include at least one photo per post, yes, but I’ve talked to several other bloggers who admit that some posts with pictures they hate are remarkably popular.

    I have no skills to help you make a blog look good. I’m constantly trying to make mine not look like a mess – the simplicity of Kate on the Way is refreshing.


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