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Book review: Foraged Flavor by Tama Matsuoka Wong

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I recently went on a binge, a book binge. I reserved about 20 books related to foraging from the stupendous, and award-winning, Columbus Metropolitan Library. Fortuitously, they had one available that I didn’t find during my book library searches last year and had read about on Well Preserved.

An effort combining the thorough knowledge of a forager (Tama Matsuoka Wong) and the experimental enthusiasm of a chef de cuisine (Eddy Leroux of NYC’s Daniel), the book is part foraging guide and part cookbook. It appeals to me immensely as a person who loves finding things, especially things that simplify my life. As I’ve made an unofficial resolution this year to eat more foraged foods, I believe this book will end up on my own shelves in the next month.

Why will you like this book?
The visual representation of the plants is clear and attractive, from leaf to root.


The recipes are quite varied, including desserts, main courses and even chips.


Also, Tama designates each of the 71 profiled edibles with a green, yellow or red status, identifying everything from invasive species that all should forage freely to site-specific natives which should be minimally sampled.

If you pick this book up yourself, please choose an accompanying guide to foraging from another source, as Foraged Flavor does not thoroughly cover look-a-likes that you might come across while getting to know your local flora. And be prepared to head straight outdoors or into the kitchen, as both Tama’s and Eddy’s enthusiasm for their sport is quite contagious.


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