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Foraging walk in January.

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Today it was 50 degrees and sunny, and it was perfect for an early afternoon family hike.

We headed out to Columbus’s lovely Scioto Audubon Metropark. My own agenda, in addition to the fresh air, Vitamin D and quality family time, was to take advantage of our unseasonably warm weather by dusting off the foraging identification imprints in my brain. (Please note that I was not attempting any actual foraging, as the activity is not legal in our metroparks.) I got out my camera to take some quick shots of a dandelion growing in the parking lot immediately after exiting the car and was thwarted by dead batteries. And dead back-up batteries.

So we took our hike without any photographic evidence.

When we got home, I found a few wild edibles growing along the sidewalk as I got out of our car. Darren and I brought leaves from two of them inside to identify. Using a variety of sources both in print and online, we positively identified both multiple times over.

Common Mallow


Ground Ivy


To increase our ability to remember these two correctly, Darren and I headed back outside to take the photos above and find all of the instances of each plant in our front yard and our neighbors’ front yard.

January is not too early to start finding your food!


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