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The Ruby. what to do with beet vodka.

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My second batch of beet-infused vodka is strained and ready for consumption. I’ll be honest, I made twice as much as last time. And last time I gifted nearly the entire haul.

In our house of three, I’m the only one who drinks.

So if you come to visit anytime soon, please ask for a beverage.


The Ruby
From Lucy Brennan’s Hip Sips

3 oz beet-infused vodka
.5 oz lemon-lime juice
.5 oz simple syrup

Shake and serve over ice. (I believe Lucy calls for straining.)

I made a round of drinks for friends last night to test the vodka on someone less attached to the result. Their feedback was that it was very beet-y in both aroma and flavor. A discussion about dirt vs. soil followed. Then we briefly touched on the potential health benefits, you know, because of the beets.

You draw your own conclusions. I will say, though, that everyone finished their drink.


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