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Beet-infused vodka, a tutorial.

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Beet-infused vodka is delicious and easy to make. It may sound strange, but I wholly recommend giving it a try before making any judgements.


The ingredients are comprised of simply beets and vodka. The only necessary pieces of equipment are a knife (and a peeler for a shortcut) and a glass vessel with a lid that can be shaken. Peel, rinse, chop, pour, shake, wait.

Beet-Infused Vodka

1.5 lb. Beets
750 ml. Vodka, not expensive stuff. The beet will smooth it out.

1. Peel 1.5 lb of beets.


2. Coarsely chop the beets.


3. Put the beets in your container. (I use a half-gallon mason jar.)


4. Add vodka.


5. Shake to ensure even distribution of beets.


6. Place in a dark place, and shake daily (or more often) for 3 days. Go ahead and taste it. Come back for a tasty cocktail recipe.


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