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Christmas gifting.

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We made our annual trek to Michigan to celebrate Christmas with both families. As with the last 5 years, we had a slurry of handmade gifts in tow. In fact, this is the first year that all of our gifts were handmade (with the supplementation of two purchased items – locally roasted coffee beans and a whisk – neither of which I would endeavor to make).

I am lacking photos for a number of items, but I was able to snag my niece for a quick photo shoot of three gifts.

First, a rag rug made with a homemade hula hoop loom. I call it Studio Ripple as it was gifted to my mom for display and use in her art studio.

Darren had been asking for a Batman doll for about a month, and I was able to get this made just in time to give to him the morning of our trip up to Michigan. We opened our family gifts to each other at home to take time for the three of us before the big rush.



And finally, I leave you with photos of my favorite gift of the season, a set of home-infused vodkas in strawberry, beet, key lime and homemade marshmallow. I hand painted the tags first with water colors and then with a hand carved potato stamp with the VODKA declaration. The little lime is my favorite painting of the four.





Stay tuned for a tutorial featuring beets and vodka in the next week!


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  1. The rug turned out awesome. We did little ones but I might endeavor to go larger now.


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