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Recipe: Beet Chips

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The best next-door neighbors ever just left us for Vermont, but they left us a consolation prize – the produce from their raised beds.

I harvested many beets, many many beets. Our plans for dinner, pizza and salad, would use only a minimal amount, so I turned to my ever-growing stash of library books to find inspiration. I had friends on their way over, so I wanted to make something that we could all munch on, to share with them what had been shared with us. One simple recipe stood out, so I got to work.

Oven-Baked Beet Chips

Beets (5-6 medium beets per standard baking sheet)

1) Preheat oven to 275 F.

2) Thoroughly wash beets. Remove fibrous taproot to compost. Remove greens to use separately. Slice beets thinly, no need to peel – a mandoline slicer set to 1/8″ or thinner makes quick and tidy work of this.

3) Toss the sliced beets with a generous drizzle of oil and salt and pepper to your liking. Arrange in a single layer on a rimmed baking sheet.

4) Bake until the chips crisp up, but remove them from the oven before they burn. If you’re baking more than one sheet at a time, rotate the baking sheet occasionally to ensure even doneness.

The beet chips will be earthy, with their sweetness depending on the variety of beet and whether or not you let them overcook like I did. Despite the slight bitterness from browning, these chips were enjoyed by all of my beet-loving friends. I had such a great time with friends that I didn’t think to get a photo of the finished product.
*I’m noticing a pattern to my recipes ingredients.


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