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Foraging: Getting organized.

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I’ve been poring over foraging books to begin a season of organized foraging. I’m trying to be realistic and focus on what we will actually use immediately or preserve for later use, keeping in mind my hesitation to do much foraging during the really hot months for fear of melting. Luckily, this being the hottest time of the year, I am preparing to be perfectly poised for some serious late summer and early fall foraging in just a few weeks.

In these last few hot weeks, I’ve been keeping pretty busy inside of the house, purging unneeded belongings like crazy. We readied two of the five bedrooms of the house that we rent to be inhabited for 5 weeks by a Canadian housemate. Derek has been a pleasure to get to know. It will truly be sad to see him move out next Wednesday, but he’ll be replaced that same day by our good friends and their two daughters. These friends share some of our passions, and Karli has a knack for identifying trees. She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s going to be instrumental in my fall foraging.

I’m hoping to end up with a glut of tree nuts when autumn comes to a close. And I’ll try to be back here more frequently as I get back outside.

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  1. tree hunting sounds good to me! 🙂


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