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Dinin’ Hall Review.

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Columbus has embraced the food truck trend, but our family has been spending so many meals at home, eating from-scratch dishes prepared by us, that we have experienced very very little of the scene.

In Franklinton, we have a neat little operation called Dinin’ Hall, just about a mile from our house. It’s a stationary gathering place for a few food carts at a time. Dinin’ Hall provides seating in a warehouse building with a large loading dock door and overhead fans to keep diners cool during hot weather, and the food trucks park in the lot just outside, cooking meals as they’re ordered. Dinin’ Hall has drinks for sale, a few select desserts, a runner to bring your meal from the truck(s) to you at your table, and a cash register for the money exchange.

The food trucks rotate, and Dinin’ Hall lists the schedule online. We were dreaming of burgers, so all three of us chose to order from OH! Burgers. The other option offered Korean fare, and it looked delicious.

OH! Burgers was offering mini 2oz burgers, 2 for $6.95, and sweet potato chips. I had a veggie burger and one of their signature burgers without the cheese. Dennis had the signature burger and the Black and Blue. Darren had a plain burger with ketchup. We all split the sweet potato chips. I probably ate most of them though, because the boys don’t dig sweet potatoes as much as I do. Lucky me!

The sweet potato chips were great, crispy but not overly greasy, and not floppy at all. Delicious!

The veggie burger was crafted from a mix of quinoa, brown rice and black beans. The burger was crumbly and falling apart, just as the beef burgers were, and a bit bland. The toppings rounded out the flavor nicely, though.

My OH! Burger was great. I ordered it without cheese due to my intolerance of lactose, but it wasn’t lacking flavor. The crumbliness of the burger made it difficult to keep it all in the small bun.

Dennis and Darren each like their burgers, though Darren wanted a second one. By the time we realized that he would still be hungry, it was getting crowded, so we decided to take a short walk and grab a large pre-nap snack at home instead of ordering more from the truck.

Overall, we were pleased with our meal, but we could have used slightly more food. At 2oz each, the slider-size burgers are cute, but they didn’t feel like they added up to a quarter pound in our stomachs. I would guess that they were scrimping a little with the grassfed beef either intentionally due to the crowd or accidentally due to the burgers crumbling apart on the cooktop. A more formed patty would certainly be easier to eat.

Do you love the food carts in Columbus? Which should we try next?


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