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Another glimpse at the garden.

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A quick update, making up for the lack of photos now that we have batteries again.

We started eating peas.


We finished eating peas.

The kale is thriving.


And so are the beets, some of which we’ve eaten.

The brussels sprouts, broccoli and cabbage were all moving along quite well. The groundhog got to the broccoli first. We learned that it prefers red cabbage to green. So do I, unfortunately.

The first head of cauliflower is nearly ready.

The spinach is all bolting and will be pulled momentarily.

The next crop of spinach will hopefully be sprouting soon in the center of our bean teepee. I’m hoping it stays cool enough that the spinach will last through the growing season in the shade of the bean plants.

The first cherry tomatoes, of the Sungold variety, will be ready to pick in a few short weeks.

We lost one tomato plant whose stem rotted through. That was strange. But the Cherokee Purple, Valencia, and Kellogg Breakfast are doing well. We  added Great White and three Roma plants. They all share the bed with a single ground cherry plant. It will be my first time growing ground cherries, and I’m fairly excited about it.

Cucumbers and squash are blooming.

So are the potatoes.

We have 3 pickling cucumbers ready to come off of the vine. Hopefully more will join it soon and I can find a pickling crock.

The grape vine looks like it might be strong enough to keep trucking through the fungus I’ve been pruning off.

And the beans are climbing, climbing, climbing.


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  1. Wow! Those beans are impressive!


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