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Houston. We have a problem.

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I had planned a garden update post for yesterday, but the universe has conspired against me.
1) No batteries for the camera.
2) Desktop computer bit it again, and the laptop has been gone to work with Dennis.
3) Urban Groundhog.

I have some colorful language to add to number 3, but I’d rather not have it immortalized in the archives of the internet.

Here’s what we know about our urban groundhog “friend”. It really likes broccoli: ate 2.5 of my 3 heads. It really likes carrot tops: ate them ALL. It really like beet greens: Ate ALL of the young ones that were planted behind the carrots. It likes peas and beans, but not as much as carrot tops and broccoli.

It comes into the yard at two points: the back fence and the side fence. We spent 3.5 hours yesterday digging a 6×6 trench along the alley-side of the back fence. We buried chicken wire fencing in an L-shape with the bottom bend going away away from the fence/yard, and nailed the chicken wire at points along the wooden fence.

We thought that would take care of it, but then it entered the yard from the side fence today. I scavenged 2×6 boards and lined the bottom of the fence with them to plug gaps. I secured them in place with cinder blocks.

Personally, I would rather deal with a non-functioning computer and dead batteries…

How are the garden-munchers in your neighborhood doing?


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  1. Ugh! How utterly infuriating! Good idea with the chicken wire and boards. Have you contemplated how one might make groundhog stew?

  2. Re: Groundhog. Have shotgun, will travel. Just say the word.


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