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Our second trip to Stratford.

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It was another perfect day when we took our second trip up to Stratford Ecological Center.
(first trip here)

I just can’t get enough of this place. The staff and volunteers are all incredibly friendly and the opportunities for exploration are diverse. I’d love to be able to take one of the classes they offer, and if it were a bit closer to our house, I’d volunteer there regularly.


This visit held a particular educational opportunity that only comes once a year – little beings found in vernal pools – tadpoles! (Unfortunately, the sun’s reflection on the water obscures from view the hundreds of tadpoles in this image.)


On the walk back to the pond, we saw the llamas, sheep and goats, all out to pasture.


The chicks were a little bigger this time.


(Hens in the orchard/chicken run)


This stunning little bird lives near the pond. I couldn’t figure out what type of bird it is, though I only spend about 15 minutes researching before I realized that I’d better get to blogging. I’ll update if I find it.


Our last stop was to the visitors’ center to pay for a dozen eggs, maple syrup, pork breakfast sausage and stunning poppies, rainbow swiss chard, salad greens and dill from the greenhouse.

Another wonderful visit!


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