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Bread gets in the way?

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I was trying to set up a play date with a friend and her two kids. (there’s got to be a less kid-centric term than play date, but it’s not coming to me.)

Our exchange involved planning around rising bread. She needed to be home the next two hours to see her lovingly crafted starch through to the baking stage. Oh yes. I understand. Been there, many times. Let’s try a different day.

I realized that homesteading and the different life rhythms it brings is beginning to become ingrained in my being.


Has bread ever affected your plans?

(I have a new bread recipe to share soon. I never believed something could come along to replace my old standby, but this new one is so so terrific.)


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  1. Okay, I’m excited now 😉

  2. I can’t say making bread has ever gotten in the way of things. As I plan my bread making around everything else we have to do. I generally use recipes that you can let rise overnight, so all mixing is done in the evening and baking done in the morning.

  3. Bread only gets in the way of my plans when I wake up and find a mass of flour in the bread machine instead of a beautiful loaf intended for my lunch.


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