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One I forgot about.

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One year ago, I set our actual first measurable homesteading goal: line-drying all of our laundry.

It was pretty easy to follow, because it was all or nothing when we decided to sell our dryer.

It started with the cloth diapers. (Hey! Maybe that was my first measurable goal: full-time cloth diapers.) Hanging them in the sun was the best way to remove stains. Then the baby clothes joined the diapers, because they were so cute hanging out on the line. The adult clothes joined the baby things, off and on.

When we moved to Franklinton, after 2 years of partial line-drying, we made the decision to just go for it.


I can’t say that I’ve regretted it. It saves money, looks quaint and makes me take time to be outside on a regular basis.

Have you tried line-drying? What has your experience been?


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  1. I’ve been line drying since we moved to our homestead, on the random occasion we had to go tot he laundromat and it was raining we’d use the dryers there. However, since we’ve been borrowing a friend’s washer till they get running water on their homestead.

    I prefer to line dry and right now we have one set of our sheets that’s been sitting on the line for over a week as they smell so much better after line drying and… with our kittens who lost their momma still don’t “get” the idea of the litter box I don’t want my favorite sheets on my bed till they stop going everywhere.

    I’m glad you have reached a few of your goals and I’m hoping to keep up with what you are doing on your homestead!

    I wish you tons of luck and wish you well as well!


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