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Challenge: Days 4 & 5

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Thursday is my self-appointed blogging day off.
Unfortunately, it inadvertently turned into a sewing day off, too.

I dug through internet, trying to find a shirt pattern to use for my second project.

No t-shirts: he has PLENTY of those…enough to last him a few years.

No dress shirts: Please, I’m nowhere near ready to wrangle things like pleats, button bands, button holes, collars. I’m well-versed in button attachment, but a dress-style shirt with buttons sewn all over it probably would look a little crazy.

I was hoping to find a tunic-style shirt. And, due to financial restrictions, I would be unable purchase a pattern. I’m certainly not up to making a pattern. Oh gosh no. I have now sewn one whole garment. And that was just a few days ago. Our car is gone to work with Dennis on Thursdays, so my sewing would have to wait.

Today we took a quick trip to the library, where I found just what I was looking for, and free! (Did you know that the Columbus Metropolitan Library was rated the No. 1 library system in the nation in 1999, 2005, 2008, and 2010?!)

(image from

The patterns in the rest of the book, Sew Tina, are oh-so-not my style. But I was pleased to find this one pattern, which really doesn’t jive with the rest of the book.


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