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hiking. and sheepy friends.

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I’m finding lately that fiber arts are gaining a strong foothold in my heart, especially all things wool. I just love everything about these tiny little fibers, start to finish. Shiny, matte, crimpy, wispy, on the lamb, on the wheel, in the dye pot, on a friend’s head. It just might be my calling.

To celebrate all things sheep, I decided that a spring trip to an area farm was in order. The Stratford Ecological Center lists its mission as follows: “a private non-profit organization dedicated to the education of children and adults in understanding the relationships between living things and their environment, thereby fostering an appreciation of the land and all life that depends on it.”

We went on a warm, sunny morning, making the 35 minute drive to the farm, just north of Columbus, Ohio. I extended an invitation to a friend and her infant. Why not help her indoctrinate the wee one beginning at the tender age of 3 months?

And so we went, the four of us.

This sweet little Tunis lamb was just 4 weeks old. He came trotting over, all knobby kneed, to greet us when he saw us walking toward the fenced-in pasture.


We took our lunches so that we could take time to really explore all of the forms of life at Stratford. After eating in the gazebo, we headed out to the woods for a preschooler-led hike.






I don’t know who enjoyed it most. We’ll definitely be making it back in the next few weeks after the goat kids join the Stratford family. Next time, we’ll plan to spend 6 hours instead of 3.


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