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We’re all recovering from a few different waves of illness including, but not limited to: stomach bug, cold, sinus infection, flu, asthma flare up…

Thankfully, two of us seem to be on the mend just in time for Christmas. The asthma seems to be returning for the third.

Through it all, we’ve been crafting like crazy to get all of our Christmas projects finished. That has included: coloring, wood burning, knitting, sawing, laminating, sanding, cutting, taping, tying, drilling, pounding, braiding, knotting and sewing. Plus cleaning, cleaning and cleaning.

All of that has kept us quite busy, and I know I’ve broken my three posts a week promise. But here’s a promise I will not break – I will be back, December 27th, with photos of every gift we created this season.

And shortly thereafter, I will have a tutorial for the project that used these supplies.

Lastly, I have had these on the brain lately.
(And here’s a picture of them, to make your mouth water.)

Come on, you know you want to click that link and find out how to make them yourself…


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