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potatoes and bread.

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(Alternate title: awesome homegrown heirloom potatoes and the best bread ever.)

We try to cultivate and make as much of our own food as we can manage. Time constraints, a small yard, legal restrictions (come on, Grandview…they’re just chickens!) and limited budget don’t allow for as much as I can daydream about, but I think we do fairly well.

This Sunday we attended a monthly potluck with 17 adults and children. We brought to share with our friends the last of this year’s potato harvest, roasted with olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic chives. They were delicious!

Here are our three heirloom varieties, just after being chopped.

I’ve been including Darren in more kitchen tasks, and he particularly loves breadmaking. I’m sure it’s partly because he loves to stick his fingers in the honey while mixing so he can have a taste, “yummy!”, and eat the raw dough as I’m trying to knead.

This time, I wised up and gave him his own small ball of dough to knead. Strangely enough, none remained after my 8 minutes of kneading time had elapsed. Hmmm….

I must take a moment to brag a bit about my sandwich bread recipe. It’s so wonderful every time. It’s wonderful when it over rises because some toddler won’t fall asleep, leaving me pinned in the bedroom when I should be putting bread in the oven. And it’s wonderful when it under rises due to my (lack of) time management skills.

It’s so wonderful that my next post will be a recipe. And I will place bets that anyone who makes it, with the correct flours, will love it as much as we do in our house.

You hear me? Bets. This is seriously good bread, people.


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    • Thanks, Rachel! They grew pretty well, and they were delicious. I hope that you’ll be running the buy again next growing season.

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