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quick Darren recap.

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For those who browse this blog hoping to see cute pictures of my child, this is your lucky day!

As I spend more and more time working on secret Christmas presents, my etsy shop that I’m not ready to reveal and the Holiday Traditions Exchange, I have less that I’m able to write about for fear of secrets escaping. There is one project that I hope to share with you soon. Dennis and I will be working together on a special Christmas gift for Darren. We’re both quite excited.

For now, here’s Darren!

Hiking in John Bryan State Park.

Yes, it’s not Darren, but I couldn’t resist showing off baby Liam, first son of my very best friend.

With buddy Ramón at COSI.

Going to Sabra and Tom’s wedding.

Bouncing on the trampoline with Dada.

Looking dapper on the cruise ship before formal night (and with his first haircut!).

Taking a trip to the apple orchard.

Standing on the back of a fire engine at Ramón’s birthday party, wearing his mama-made sweater.

That’s all I can muster for now. The knitting in the corner is taunting me.


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