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Almost spring.

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Has it really been two and half weeks? (My sister nods her head and exclaims something like “I’ve been telling you to post, already!” as she reads this. Hush. I’m making up for it with an obscene amount of photos.) We’ve been slightly busy at our house. I’ll give you a brief, and not even near all-inclusive, recap.

blueberry smoothies

having his own smoothie for the first time

homemade coconut milk chocolate pudding

crepe-style pancakes with homemade blueberry sauce

red pepper, leek and basil pizza on homemade whole-wheat crust

mini-blankie made for Darren to tote around while we chaperoned our youth group for the weekend

yarn…for something for me

walking at the zoo with Darren riding on my back in our new babyhawk ohsnap

at the zoo, checking out the manatees

more zoo, because he looks so cute

carrots freshly pulled from the ground (with toddler trailing behind)

focused intently on some rocks


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  1. Can’t wait for Polar Bear Frontier at the Zoo… we will have to plan a field trip!!!

    See you Sunday!

  2. Oh, yay! So many great things! Your food looks so yummy. I’m really impressed that you have carrots already.


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