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Hard pretzels.

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They were a disaster.
I’m going to try them again some time, but never by myself. The hands on time totaled over an hour, so with Mom’s help it was slightly longer than tolerable to complete while Darren napped. All of the rolling and dunking and scooping and dipping and spreading out and salting…

All to turn out a dense and flavorless as a dog biscuit.

I think I rolled them too well. Sad sad sad was I.

On a much brighter note, we’re planning a visit to New York City this labor day weekend. Congratulations to Adrienne and Christian! (And here is their “together” website. You MUST view their engagement video. It makes me smile a million times.)

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  1. It mostly makes me chilly…they are brave!

  2. 😦 I’m sorry about the pretzels.

    The video was awesome. I kept thinking things like ‘they’re not really gonna do it’, ‘they’ll cut the camera first’, ‘why are there seagulls when it’s snowing?’ ‘they’re gonna slow way down when they hit the water’, ‘I can’t believe she’s doing this in a skirt’.


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