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Happy February!

Before we know it, la primavera will be upon us, and it has me crazily thinking about gardening already.

Two years ago, we were busy. We moved into our (first!) house AND had a baby. And, thanks to a lot of help, emphasis on a lot, from each of our families, we were able to accomplish many house projects. One of these was relandscaping on a shoestring. I followed it up last year by building two 2×6 raised square foot gardens for growing vegetables.

I found that amount of space, plus the other patches I found around the backyard to squeeze in a zucchini plant, a croockneck squash plant, strawberries, raspberries and herbs, to not be enough to yield the amount of homegrown organic produce that I’m aiming for.

We weren’t able to grow so many things that I long for. Sweet potatoes, red potatoes, pumpkins, more winter squash, asparagus, garlic, parsnips…and much much more.

So planning begins now.

And happy planning to you!

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  1. OOh, we are already in planning mode too! We are trying something with tomatoes this year where we will plant them in 2-3 areas and see which area of the yard they grow best in. I am hoping for enough tomato crop to have enough for all of our salad, pasta sauce, and salsa needs with enough to try my hand at canning fire roasted ones for winter pasta sauce and salsa making! I’m giddy at the idea of fresh herbs again too…I can’t wait until gardening season!


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