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Places I’d like to be.

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Today I wish I could time travel, or teleport, to the following places: (note: these only include places I have actually been AND that I have photographic evidence of my being there. note #2: please, someone, make me take more photos of myself. I think there were 2 dozen on my entire hard drive, not including my wedding or one baby shower.)

Place 1: some road in the Shenandoah Valley

Place 2:Virginia Beach (although any beach would do)

Place 3: a time when I could eat cheese…sigh

Place 4: a plane going somewhere great

Place 5: a cruise ship

Place 6: an apple orchard

On a complete side note, MY MOM IS COMING TODAY!!!!!!

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  1. Well, I wish you were in NEW YORK!

  2. We hope to visit soon, Adrienne.

    Gah. This post is painful to look at. That carrier in the bottom photo was borrowed, and I couldn’t afford to buy it when my friend put it up for sale. It has since sold, and I’m completely kicking myself for not snatching it up when she lowered the price. It is so lovely and light as a feather. Sigh….


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