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The Christmas season.

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It was a wonderful Christmas season for us. We spent Christmas at home, and it was sandwiched between two drives up to Michigan, our homeland, to visit with family. We even managed to catch a night at an indoor water park on the way home the second time. Although I had a traumatizing experience nearly the moment we walked in, we all had a good time. (The trauma involved me, some wet steps, falling, and still having a nasty looking and feeling bruise on my tush now 2 weeks later.)

Christmas decorations usually abound in our house. I lean towards using slightly off versions of the usual green and red of the season – reds with a little orange to them and greens with a little yellow hue. The centerpiece of my craftiness has been a mobile of sorts constructed from embroidery hoops and wooden snowflakes hung on embroidery thread. It’s my favorite decoration. This is from our apartment in 2007.

This year I crashed and burned in decorating land.
I hung our Christmas cards – too low so that Dennis had to duck to get through the threshold from the kitchen to the living room.

I hung a few ornaments in the kitchen window just to have some up somewhere.

And the dried orange slices which I intended to make into new ornaments and hang in various areas of the house ended up sitting in a bowl – where they still sit now, 2.5 weeks later.

More from our season as the week goes on.


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  1. Thank you for catching up! I’m sure your dried oranges looked nice in the bowl anyway. It looks like they were accompanied by the gingerbread ornaments from 2004, good combination!


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