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Mornings with Darren are great.
Mornings with Darren are filled with laughter.
Mornings with Darren are full of shared breakfasts and playing.

This morning Darren slept in, giving me the opportunity to:

make AND enjoy a homemade peppermint-vanilla soy latte (compliments of my Mukka Express),

get the diapers out of the dryer AND put away (ok, not all the way put away…),

make myself breakfast AND eat it (local egg from 2silos atop bread made by my great friend Jennifer buttered with local butter from Hartzler Family Dairy),

work on Christmas presents (shhhhh…secret),

and blog. AMAZING! Thanks for sleeping in with Darren, Dennis.

Special plug for the provider of our winter meat and egg CSA, 2silos. Delicious!!

Thanks goes to the lovely Rachel of Hounds in The Kitchen for giving me the heads up about 2silos.


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